What We Look for in Our Technology Partners

SafeCity Foods and partners, investing 100% of the required capital for startup and operation, are committed to proceed immediately without delay in return for expressing:  

  • Acceptance to explore and discuss the prospect
  • Readiness to assist in drawing a feasibility study for Qatar
  • Commitment of long-term continued support and contribution, for implementation of new advancements, techniques, and types of produce 
  • Assurances and references of success achieved to date
  • Scope of production capability - type of plants, duration to harvest, sources of supply of seeds, fertilizer, technology equipment, automation
  • An indicative study of return on investment, based on USA sales and labor rates 
  • Staffing requirement for the Operation 
  • Conditions, financial, licensing, royalty, profit sharing, and others 

Competitive businesses will blossom during this period; we expect of PGH to be a major success project, eventually feeding the entire population of Qatar (2.5 million people in a few years. There is currently no purpose in exporting the produce obtained. 

PGH is to lead the country into independence, in a certain domain of produce. Considering the country's commited strategy for food self-sufficiency, SafeCity Foods has the financial means and network, needs, technology, expertise, and support.