Expression of Interest of a Prospective Partner

The following details would be necessary for our initial assessment and appraisal. Any material and data provided will be dealt and treated with utmost confidentiality. In the course of realization it will be disclosed to the major investor and legal advisor, who would be bound with the same ethics. If prior to such disclosure the firm expects the names of the parties and their details be revealed for approval, once specifically required and stated, it will be attended accordingly, after receiving the initial expression of Interest document, addressing the following details:

Doha, Qatar

+(974) 5589-7212

Full Name
Headquarters Address
Contact Phone
Years in Business  
For third party dependency assessment
•Equipment and software suppliers
•Sourcing of Consumables for dependency
•Sample of Feasibility Study
Production Facility
•Vertical/Horizontal farm
•Modularity for expansion
•Interchangeability of produce
•Range of Produce
Technological Advantages
Duration of technology in production
License Ownership
Royalties and ongoing support services
Proposed Business Model
Period required to equip the facility
Ability and readiness to setup the production facility
Any other relevant details

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